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Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center Foundation, Inc. (SKyPAC) Board of Directors


Chief Development Officer
Events and Operations Manager
Marketing Manager
Education and Outreach Specialist
Executive Assistant
Part-time Employees


January, 2018

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Job Summary

Directs regular and volunteer staff in the operations, expenditures and long term development of all SKyPAC facilities and programs, including the Capitol Arts Center. Proposes short and long term fiscal, facility, marketing and public relations plans which maximize resources and accomplish organizational mission: to provide exceptional artistic and educational experiences by presenting, producing and exhibiting the highest quality art. Develops effective policies and ensures compliance. Directs the development of SKyPAC programming including negotiation of contracts to maximize revenue and advance the organization’s values of community service, professionalism, quality, and customer service.

Supervise and develop staff in the execution of daily responsibilities. Select employees and develop skills and abilities of staff to execute programs and meet commitments. Review performance and provide meaningful and fair feedback. Provide a rewarding and supportive work environment that encourages initiative, demands quality and recognizes performance. Provide effective conflict resolution among staff as needed.

Develop programming that enhances organizational goals, service to stakeholders, and the SKyPAC brand. Ensure fiscally responsible execution of events with the highest quality experience for the visiting performer and their organization. Negotiates contracts with performers, agents and catered event customers. Provide a quality experience with reasonable market priced services and conditions that financially protect SKyPAC organization.

Implement, direct and approve fundraising plan to augment resources for program delivery and meeting annual expenses. Oversee event promotion and execution. Propose inventive ideas for events. Expand contributions and grow loyalty. Propose annual financial and budget plan. Develop contingency plans to ensure fiscal compliance according to available resources and other variables and manage cash flow.

Propose, develop and approve marketing plans to promote events, increase subscriptions and individual sales and fill seats. Approve media plans and leverage most effective advertising options while protecting brand. Define and advance brand image through programing, advertising and quality service and outreach.

Develop an effective volunteer program to support events and provide guest services. Ensure a quality guest experience with friendly and well trained staff and volunteer Ambassadors. Maximize revenue from beverage sales providing efficient service and quality products.

Maintain positive relations with resident company, Orchestra Kentucky. Promote facility rental and catering to increase revenue. Provide superb service and patron experience.

Protect and secure organizational assets including buildings, equipment and fiscal accounts through development, implementation and on-going evaluation of risk related programs, policies and measures. Coordinates compliance audits with brokers, insurance providers and related agencies. Ensure adequate security and routine preventative maintenance.

Develop and present required plans (financial and budget, marketing, media and fundraising) and reporting to Board of Directors. Propose contingency financial plans as needed. Recommend short and long term plans to advance the organizational goals.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities

 Ability to supervise and effectively develop staff to provide consistent quality in selection and execution of programs, efficient and highest quality of operations and insightful short and long term planning of the organization.

Ability to understand and research the regional market to provide the best quality programing and highest attendance levels possible.

Ability to build and maintain relationships with local and regional officials, merchants, benefactors, companies and patrons to maximize loyalty and financial support of the organization and its events.

Knowledge of financial planning and operational issues associated with a large performance art center.

Ability to negotiate contracts associated with events and performances that provide the greatest short term financial results while also considering long term implications of branding and loyalty.

Ability to align the organization’s mission with operational planning.

Education and Experience

A bachelors degree in arts, entertainment, business or similar degree.

A minimum of 5 progressive years of experience with-in the arts, entertainment, or hospitality industries- preferably within a mid-to-large professional performance organization. Work experience should include responsibilities for contract negotiation, fiscal management, and supervision of staff and promotion of events.

Ability to align the organization’s mission with operational planning.

To apply please submit a cover letter, resume, and references in confidence to:

Betty McGuire


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