ERTH’S Prehistoric
Aquarium Adventure

Scott Wright with Drew Fairley and Catherine McNamara

The creators of Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Live want to take your students on an all new adventure – this time to the bottom of the ocean. Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure is an immersive experience that invites you to jump in and explore unknown ocean depths where prehistoric marine reptiles lived eons ago – and maybe live still today! Erth shows are at the forefront of family entertainment, using actors, technology, puppets, science and imagination to create an amazing visual experience that connects young audiences to the real science of paleontology.

Deep below the surface, submerged below time, swam some of the world’s most a mazing prehistoric
marine reptiles. What does a Plesiosaurs skin feel like? How big are a Kronosaurus teeth? And do Kimberella even wear shoes?

The team at Erth have spent years scouring the seven seas, collecting playful prehistoric creatures of the deep in their giant aquarium. Connecting young audiences to the real science of palaeontology Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium invites children to step into the action. Each show performers will invite a small number of carefully selected young divers to join them on their quest to the bottom of the ocean, to ‘swim’ with an amazing array of aquatic creatures from bygone eras who are unmistakably ‘alive’ and mostly friendly!

Come dive with us to the historical depths of the ocean and unlock some of nature’s greatest mysteries.


9:30 AM (CST)
Time: 55 minutes


SKyPAC Main Hall
601 College Street
Bowling Green, KY 42101


Kindergarten-5th Grade


$7 per student, one (1) free chaperone with every 10 student reservations

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Study resources available.
Curriculum Connections: Heavy emphasis on S.T.E.M. concepts: Life science; Natural history and Paleontology; Problem solving; Asking questions; Making observations, predictions, and connections; Forming hypotheses / developing possible explanations; Investigating and exploring the natural world; Drawing conclusions; Sharing findings with others

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