Thank You SKyPAC Education Essential Partners!

Posted on April 20, 2020

In this time of uncertainty as deliberations take place as to what is essential and non-essential, SKyPAC will unveil a recurring series highlighting ESSENTIAL partners to SKyPAC and the Capitol Arts Center.

Today’s installment “shines the spotlight” on SKyPAC’s Education Sponsors. In addition to ongoing initiatives such as BG OnStage, CurtainsUp!, and School Day Matinees, SKyPAC’s work with the Laura Goad Turner Charitable Foundation has served as a model for other partnerships as a result of its impact on area students through the years.

The Laura Goad Turner Charitable Foundation was established in 1989 in memory of Laura Goad Turner, the wife of Cal Turner Sr., one of the founders of Dollar General Corporation. The Foundation made significant investments in SKyPAC during the early years which led to a partnership with the Allen County School system. Utilizing local and regional teaching artists, SKyPAC has helped Allen County students experience teaching residences, workshops, professional development opportunities, touring matinees at SKyPAC, and a variety of other opportunities. Most of the students in the schools have been impacted as a result of these relationships.

The Kentucky Blues Society presents their Blues in Schools program to students at Allen County Intermediate Center.

We, at SKyPAC, are strong believers in the importance of arts education and do our best to provide an avenue for area youth to benefit from creative activities that not only promote academic achievement but also increase social and emotional development. Seeking to make a true imprint on the communities we serve, partnerships such as the Laura Goad Turner Charitable Foundation are vital to the overall success of SKyPAC’s mission.

Local teaching artist Andrew Wielawski instructs students in art extension classes on sculpting techniques and stone shaping.

SKyPAC’s education partners play an ESSENTIAL role to enrich our region’s quality of life through their philanthropic giving to arts education. By providing exposure to the arts for countless students throughout this region, their investment helps instill an appreciation and passion for the arts which serves not only to inspire the next generation but also has the power to transform lives as well.

Please join us in giving our faithful sponsors a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!




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