The People Behind the Scenes

SKyPAC, Inc. Board

Legal counsel:
English Lucas Priest & Owsley of Counsel
Charles English and D. Gaines Penn

*An agency of Warren County established to plan, build and maintain SKyPAC

Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Foundation
Board of Directors 2019-2020

Elizabeth Sigler

SKyPAC Board Chair

Attorney Bell, Orr Ayers & Moore, PSC

Sandy Jones Boussard

SKyPAC Vice Chair

Live Active 50 Plus Fitness

Tommy Ross

SKyPAC Treasurer

South Central Bank
President & CEO

Sherry Howell

Fruit of the Loom
Director, H.R. Business Partner

Tony Lindsey

Lindsey Institute of Cosmetology, Owner

Dr. Mohammed Kazimuddin

Western KY Heart, Lung, Gastroenterology, Founder & President
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