Arts Engagement

Arts of Southern Kentucky is here to spark growth and learning for the arts through hands-on experience and instruction. Get creative, find your voice, or rediscover a passion as you engage in our artistic community. As we grow our outreach through schools and events, we hope you will join us in supporting our vision.

Behind the Curtain

An insight into the craft, creativity, and careers that make the magic possible. When you step out of the light and into the shoes of our artists you will gain a knowledge of what it takes to produce the experiences we offer. Whether it is on stage or in the gallery, we want to open our doors to educating the community about the work and vision we share.

By partnering with our experts, we can create a variety of tour experiences that meet your educational needs and inspire young artists to study and grow.

Please reach out to our Education Director, Dillon Godolphin, to enhance and develop your tour.

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Be a part of our history . . .

Email our Education Director to start looking towards the future.