An April Updated Message to Our Valued Patrons

Post By: The SKyPAC
Date: April 8, 2020

An Update to Our Valued Patrons:

It has been more than three weeks since our buildings were closed due to the international crisis of the COVID -19 Virus. We have been diligent in making sure our staff and volunteers have been practicing social distancing and recommending that they stay at home as much as possible. Nothing is more important than the safety and health of not only our SKyPAC family, but everyone impacted by this unprecedented situation.

But in the background, and thanks to technology of digital communication, SKyPAC staff have been busy working to reschedule as many of the affected future performances as possible. We have been successful on  some of these events, but the process is frustrating and time consuming in that just about every performing arts center in the country is scrambling to do the same thing. Fortunately, the entire industry is working together to salvage the mass cancellations that have befallen all of us. We will get there – and we are looking forward to once again providing you with the exciting performances and educational opportunities you want to experience.

In the meantime, if you have questions regarding our ticketing policies, please feel free to visit this link here. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we go through this difficult time for all of us.

As you consider your ticketing options, we ask that you please keep in mind SKyPAC is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and grants in order to make ends meet. Like so many small businesses and restaurants who have seen their ability to generate income cease nearly overnight, we also need your support through this challenging time. Our usual stream of ticket sales and rental opportunities has been reduced to nothing while our payroll and facility expenses continue on. The reality is that in difficult times such as these, the arts are usually the first areas in which people choose to make cuts, both in giving and in attending performances.

SKyPAC is proud to be among Kentucky’s top performing arts venues, but that distinction does not come without a price. Unfortunately, we are seeing that price continue to climb without any ability to generate additional income to help offset it. A thriving performing arts center brings immense value to the region and your loyalty over the years has been greatly appreciated. If you are proud to have SKyPAC as a part of this community we ask that you please consider taking action to help ensure it continues amid these especially trying days. If you have tickets for an event that was cancelled or postponed, instead of automatically requesting a refund, please consider either making this a donation to SKyPAC or in transferring it to a gift card for future use.

These are challenging times for everyone, especially nonprofit organizations like SKyPAC. We remain committed to this community and we hope this community remains committed to SKyPAC. For our part, we hope to offer virtual opportunities for patrons to stay engaged with everything from online backstage tours and gallery visits to educational opportunities to keep kids involved while they are out of school. Stay connected to SKyPAC for opportunities such as these as well as announcements related to performance rescheduling and more.

I know there is still much uncertainty with the current COVID-19 situation, and we are all in this for the long haul, but as one of the most famous sayings from our industry proclaims, “the show must go on.” For now, our stages are empty and our auditoriums dark and silent, but we know that the human desire to gather and share live performing arts cannot be diminished, and we will once again celebrate the arts together soon!

Thank you and please stay safe.

Thomas J. Carto
President & CEO
Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center Foundation