Cirque Dreams Holidaze – Food Factoids!

Post By: The SKyPAC
Date: November 15, 2016

The 30 member international cast of CIRQUE DREAMS HOLIDAZE may not have a fat cell amongst them. Yet, according to Neil Goldberg, the artistic Spinning around director and creator of the world renown CIRQUE DREAMS brand of entertainment, claims “They eat constantly, however there will be no egg nog!”

Every Cirque Dreamer maintains exquisitely proportioned physiques that are muscular, yet lean and sleek. According to Goldberg, each 2 hour CIRQUE DREAMS performance requires the same stamina as an NBA basketball game or NFL football game. “On the average, a performer can lose up to five pounds per show” said Goldberg.

Ornaments on TreeHave the performers of CIRQUE DREAMS discovered a magical formula that we don’t know about? Goldberg doesn’t think so. “For starters, just to be considered for an audition, females must be able to do 50 push ups, men I00 push ups. Also, they must adhere to a strict regimen of training, which includes 30-minute warm-up and stretch classes, workshops, full rehearsals and performances.

While on their current U.S. Tour, the cast of CIRQUE DREAMS HOLIDAZE will eat an average of 4 meals daily. This includes breakfast, lunch, pre-show dinner, and post-show dinner. Goldberg estimates that they will consume “lots of fat free pretzels, candy bars and cookies.”


During a standard 1-week engagement the cast of CIRQUE DREAMS HOLIDAZE will consume:

  • 50 pounds of celery
  • 50 pounds of tomatoes
  • 50 pounds of spinach
  • 50 pounds of carrots
  • 500 heads of lettuce
  • 500 pounds of assorted fruitsReindeer Soaring
  • 2,000 gallons of bottled water
  • 500 Protein bars
  • 100 pounds of chicken
  • 100 pounds ground beef
  • 800 slices of bread

“I’m not sure where they put it. They still manage to look great in their custom made body form fitting costumes” added Goldberg. “They will indulge in traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that will be nutritionally balanced.”

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