From a Summer Intern at SKyPAC

Post By: The SKyPAC
Date: October 31, 2012

            This summer I interned for SKyPAC doing Community Engagement- a description while self-explanatory remains remarkably vague.  This is a sentiment I felt even as I signed on for the program. Neither had I any idea how quickly the gears turn at this operation; being my first foray into the performing arts field, my expectations formed around my knowledge of theatre.  My knowledge of theatre, though, lacked anything more than a handful of plays I participated in during high school.

            Andee, my supervisor (you should know her cause she’s awesome), luckily had a plan- which turned out to be more like a mad scheme.  Not mad for any absence of substance or vision but mad as in maddening because Andee doesn’t stop to train; she bowls you over with her positive attitude and you hit the ground running.

            This is what I did: in order to be neighborly, SKyPAC reached out to other non-profit organizations, seeking gaffs that we could help fill.  My job fell to be the greeting-and-handshake of new neighbors to these organizations.  I visited the International Center, Girl Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, and also some local businesses and other places.  I worked to spread the word about our summer camp programs and applicable scholarships, handed out posters, passed along business cards, and spoke with representatives of the non-profits regarding their programs and how SKyPAC might be able to achieve their objectives.  Oh and there were murals.

            Keep in mind, this represents merely an introduction to my summer with SKyPAC, eventually my internship developed into a cultural mapping project of the arts in the BRADD (Barren River Area Development District) region to be divulged in the following weeks. The BRADD region is the ten county region centered around Warren County.  It turned out to be more fulfilling than my original summer plans of canoeing every day, more fun, and a heck of lot more useful as far as life experience goes.  I should note, I have no intention of entering these entries chronologically.  Anyway, check back next week; I’ll tell you about Monroe County and Rolley Hole and bluegrass.