Push/Pull: A Solo Exhibition Featuring John Perry


June 2, 2016 through September 29, 2016
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Perry has been an artist since he was very young, but first developed as a painter in order to cope with the stress and failure he experienced after dropping out of college.  Through the encouragement and support of loved ones, he returned to the university to pursue an art major where he began experimenting with mark-making tools and techniques that would later form the method for his body of work.

After receiving his art degree from WKU, Perry relocated to Nashville, where he set up a studio, and is always looking for new ways to challenge himself as a painter. A number of his paintings have been featured in Spencer’s Coffeehouse in Bowling Green, as well as two solo exhibitions in Nashville’s Wedgewood-Houston Arts District.

ARTIST STATEMENT – What can only painting do?  This is not only the foundation of Modernism, but for a painter today, an essential question, loaded with mystery and gigantic consequences.  This is my way of entering into that conversation, now hundreds of years old.  This is my way of searching for more opportunities to ask that question, not answer it.  This is an experiment in color, figure/ground relationship, and aesthetic to discover and/or define qualities specific to painting.  If my work is about anything, it is about painting.