Curtain Call: A Vision for the Capitol

Post By: The SKyPAC
Date: May 14, 2020

SKyPAC is proud to present a new series honoring our area arts heritage. Each week we will highlight different trailblazers and turning points that have ushered us to the modern day arts opportunities this region now enjoys. We hope you will join us in saying “Bravo!” for the countless lives touched through the arts as a result of the vision and dedication of those documented in the paragraphs that follow.

In this excerpt taken from an early 1979 Letter to the Editor in the Park City Daily News, the vision for what would eventually become the Capitol Arts Center is outlined by one of its early champions, Anne R. Johnston:”…The Capitol Theatre, which will become the Capitol Community Arts Center, will be an in important part of our renovated downtown, bringing business and pleasure into the heart of the city. Programs for children and adults, classes, performances – in short, a home base for the arts for everyone in our growing community. The Capitol Community Arts Center will be a public facility dedicated to developing the quality of life for all our citizens…”Over 40 years later, I think many would agree this vision was certainly realized through the Capitol Arts Center. Indeed, it still reflects the aim of SKyPAC, which continues to utilize both downtown facilities in presenting the arts to the people of this region. Yet, by the time these words were penned in 1979, a group of dedicated individuals were already established and hard at work bringing this vision to life. Next week we highlight some of these early proponents, including the author of this letter and her surprising connection to one of the most prominent and influential families in American politics. These stories, shared by many of the arts influencers instrumental to this cause, will provide a “behind the scenes” glimpse at the people and the effort that ultimately turned a blighted, abandoned theatre building into the icon on the square in downtown Bowling Green-Warren County we all know and love!

WE WELCOME YOUR INPUT: This series is a work in progress based on your feedback and remembrances. If you were involved in area arts efforts and have photos, programs, or other information related to the Capitol Arts Center or SKyPAC, please contact Rob Hankins at 270.904.5004 or email